Before we know it, summer will be over and fall will make its appearance. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your décor or just want to bring a pop of fall inside, these fall décor trends are the perfect addition to any theme.
1. Mix Metals
Metals of all kinds are making a comeback — with everything from brass cabinet pulls to stainless steel furniture for a mixed-metals look that is hot this fall. Just be careful not to go overboard. Adding some shine here and there can be just the pop your décor needs.
2. Light Wood
Just a few years ago, dark wood was all the rage. Today, design magazines and Pinterest boards are flooded with lighter colored wood. From gray-toned wood floors to whitewashed wood cabinets, this is a décor trend that keeps the home feeling airy and bright.
3. Organic Materials
When searching for new accent pieces, consider organic materials. This fall décor trend is all about the ‘found’ item and truly brings the outside in. Whether you’re decorating with faux animal skulls or bringing flowers, twigs, and branches inside — let your creativity run wild.
4. Prints and Patterns
This is not your mother’s wallpaper from the 1960s making a comeback. This décor trend is all about using prints and patterns as accent pieces to a neutral color pallet. When done correctly, mixing and matching prints and patterns can have a big impact with minimal effort.
5. The Bar Cart
Another Pinterest-worthy fall trend is the bar cart. They’re the perfect way to display a collection of beautiful glassware and bottles or to stage a beverage station for a party. From vintage to modern, bar carts a great addition to your fall décor.
6. Cozy Spaces
Nothing says fall like a cozy space to curl up and relax — especially on a cool day. Pillows and throw blankets are the perfect addition to any relaxing space, and they’re a great way to bring fall colors inside without changing paint colors. 
What are your favorite fall décor trends? Or, do you even pay attention to the trends? When in doubt, run with your personal style and incorporate trends through accents that can easily be changed as your tastes change.

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