Gathering gloves, scarves and coats is easy. If only there was an oversized sweater for your house! Until someone invents that, it’s time to get winter-ready and start prepping your home for the chilly nights ahead.


Now, don’t get overwhelmed and try to tackle everything at once. Break it down into manageable tasks and handle them one weekend at a time. Let’s take a look at our top suggestions:

1. Ensure Your Property Is Up-to-Date

While updating window treatments or getting a new heating system may seem like a pricey cost upfront, in the long run, it can actually save you hundreds of dollars. Ideally, these investments will pay for themselves over time. If your windows are not properly sealed and insulated, heating costs could skyrocket. Worse yet, if you have an old heating system, it will likely have to work twice as hard to produce half the heat of a modern one. Ensuring your home is up-to-date can save you from costly electricity bills for years to come.
2. Prep the Plumbing

There is nothing worse than a pipe bursting or freezing over during those extremely cold winter nights. To avoid this from happening, drain the water from your outdoor faucets and hoses and store them all inside. If you come across any problem pipes along the way, wrap them in heat tape. Another thing to consider is making sure that everyone in your home knows how to turn off the water at the source. This will ensure you and your family have a safe and dry winter.

3. Seal the Leaks

This applies all across the home from pipes to windows and doors. Make sure that everything is sealed shut so that the cold air stays out. This will reduce the need for running the heating system because more of the heat will stay inside and keep you warm longer. This is certainly an investment worth warming up too.

4. Give Your Fireplace a Deep Clean 

There is no better way to stay warm than in front of a fireplace, especially when it’s not running up your electricity bill. Am I right or am I right? Just make sure you’ve swept your chimney before lighting it up this winter. Don’t let your family be prone to the dangers of house fires. 

So however you and your family choose to start getting winter-ready this year, we hope that these tips help you stay warm. Remember that what may seem like a pricey investment upfront, can actually save you and your family hundreds of dollars in the long run. So suit up for the weekend handy work and start thinking of all the things you are going to spend that extra money on.

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