When you hire a moving company, you expect them to care for your things as you would. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are certain items that you should always move yourself. Even if you have hired the best moving company in the world, accidents happen, so make sure you never hire movers for these four important items.

You probably aren’t planning to pack your cat in a box with air holes, but you do need to prep your pets for the move. There is a potential danger that your pet will break free during the moving process, creating a bad situation. Never let your movers transport your pets, even if you are only moving a town over. Your pets will feel less stressed traveling with you. Make sure to pack water, food bowls, treats and their favorite toy with you.

Whether it is an antique rifle just for display or a powerful hunting gun, this is a big no for movers. It is safer for both you and the movers if you transport your firearms yourself. If you are moving your arsenal, remember to pack guns and bullets separately and keep everything marked clearly and out of reach of children. Be sure that you have all of your paperwork handy if you are planning to move guns across state lines.

If you don’t want even the smallest risk of an item being harmed or damaged, do not put it on the moving truck. Your moving company won’t intend to damage or lose your items, but accidents happen and you wouldn’t want the china set your great grandmother passed down to you to break on the moving truck.

Your social security card, birth certificate, car title, insurance policies, etc. should be moved with you. Items always get displaced during a move and you wouldn’t want to plan a trip out of the country and then realize that you cannot find your passport. Personal paperwork is one of the hardest things to replace if lost or damaged during your move.
Never take risks when hiring a moving company to move your items. Label all of your fragile items clearly and feel free to keep an eye out and supervise while movers are loading your belongings onto the moving truck. It’s better to be precautious then risk losing important items.

What items of yours would you move?


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