After a long, hard day at work, a relaxing evening or weekend at a spa can seem like heaven. But for most people, a weekly trip to the spa is not feasible, so for those who do not want to leave their homes, here are a few quick, easy and affordable ways to make your home's bathrooms look and feel more like spas.

#1. Candles
Candles can help your bathroom look and smell more like a spa. Consider purchasing candles in your favorite scent. As an added bonus, candles will allow you to forego the harsh overhead lights, helping to create a relaxing environment.

#2. High-End Bath Products
Choosing a scented bath oil, special soap or fancy bath salts can be a great way to make your home's bathtub feel like it was taken from a spa. Also consider the presentation here — lining up your bath salts and soaps can be an orderly way to store them, but putting them in nice containers or a bathtub caddy that you will enjoy seeing and using can help heighten the experience.

#3. Decor 
Consider using a featured piece of artwork or a mirror that will grab your attention and distract you from the fact that you are in your own everyday bathroom. Changing the atmosphere of your bathroom can go a long way toward making it a relaxing place to unwind.

#4. Techniques to Hide Distractions
Think about any sights, sounds or smells that might distract you from your in-home spa creation and come up with a plan to neutralize them. For example, consider a white noise machine if you have noisy neighbors.

#5. Higher Thread Count
Soft towels can help extend your relaxation even after you get out of the bathtub. You can frequently find a nice set of towels on sale at a great price, so keep your eyes open the next time your local department store has a seasonal sale.

#6. Nice Robe
On a similar note, a nice soft robe and fluffy slippers can help keep you relaxed long after you get out of the bath.

#7. Separation 
Placing a visual barrier between your bathtub and the rest of your home can help create a relaxing atmosphere that is separate from the stress that can creep into the rest of your home. A long curtain around the bathtub or across the door can help create this effect, as can a barrier of plants between your bathtub and the rest of the bathroom. This can work to create the illusion that you are somewhere else and help mentally transport you to somewhere more relaxing.

What are your favorite ways to transform your bathroom into an inviting spa?

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