Before exploring the top cities that millennials are flocking to, let’s take a moment to discuss what many millennials want out of a home. For many, it is their first home outside of their parents’, or their first time actually owning the space they live in, rather than simply being tenants. There are already clear trends that indicate the sorts of things that millennials want to buy into and prefer in a home.
Among these marked preferences is a visual style that blends rustic wood (often recycled) with clean lines of modern architecture. Bursts of color that liven up spaces is also sought after. Colored lights in a shower is an oft-cited example of these color pops that serve to make a given room more interesting to a Gen-Y buyer. Stemming off of this, most millennials appear to want more environmentally friendly, smaller homes. Why waste money heating and cooling rooms that are rarely used? is a prevailing line of thought.
Now onto the cities that are attracting this digitally-enabled cohort! Millennials want tons of amenities within walking distance of their house. They want home technology and good cell phone reception. Additionally, millennials are less likely to compromise on being in a good school district. And the best cities for all these qualities are … 
1. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge has been at the top of many millennials’ lists of best places to live for several years now. With great access to restaurants, bars and coffee shops, this diverse and well-educated city certainly lives up to its vaunted name. Unfortunately, it lives up to its name in cost of living as well, though for many, this one downside in a sea of upsides is worth the added cost!
2. Arlington, Virginia

The home of the Pentagon is also proving to be an exceptional city for Generation Y. With an abundance of things to do and a great community, it's no wonder that this city is quickly being filled up with millennials. The cost of living here is quite a bit lower than Cambridge, and that combined with decent access to bars, coffee shops and restaurants, lands good old Arlington at number two on our list.
3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

This safe and well-educated city is among the best for home-seeking millennials. Home to Ann Arbor is to the University of Michigan – a frontrunner of research universities in the U.S. While the population of millennials is still small, roughly 17% of the population, that percentage is rising swiftly. Soon the joys of this affordable and fun city will belong to even more millennials.

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